About Us

❤️ Beautiful comfortable affordable clothes, full of colour, vibrancy, style and personality. Clothes to lift your spirits, to make you feel confident and make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection ❤️
Free-size / One Size clothing takes the stress and stigma away from conventional sizes. 
You aren't a size, you are you, we all need to acknowledge and embrace our own individual beauty.
I want you to feel fabulous every day. 
I want you to be excited to get dressed. 
I want you to have choices, lots of choices. 
I want you to have colour and comfort all in the same affordable outfit. 
          ❤️ I want you to be and feel fabulous ❤️
Who am I....
I worked for the NHS for 33 years, during that time I was diagnosed with lupus back in 2005.
There were times when I couldn't even bear the lightest material touching my skin and clothes became a total nightmare for me.
Time marched on, the menopause hit, more weight gain  and clothes became even more of a nemisis. I was forever hot and uncomfortable in absolutely everything!
I took early retirement in March 2020 just as we went into the first Covid lockdown.
I got a fabulous part time job in a natural health clinic but sadly the Covid years took their toll and 2 years later the clinic closed.
Someone said to me what do you want to do next.... what makes you happy?
What would you like to do? 
My reply was easy, spend my days buying fabulous clothes but not just for me, for everyone so they can feel fabulous too!
Nictoria's Boutique was born out of a need to spread the joy clothes should bring!
To those who already know me, you know I'm a total clothes convert now. I've found the most comfy clothes ever.
If you've managed to stay the length of this intro then there's nothing more to say other than I'd like to wish you a very warm Welcome to Nictoria's Boutique❤️